Facebook saw it first

So many customers, almost 800 consignors and so much social media to update…so little time Good problem to have!

Our latest news will typically on Facebook first, and our hours are at the top of our FB page.

We are currently not taking in much decor at all. Mainly due to our deciding to begin Tux Rental and limited space. We hope a move to a much larger location is sooner than later! Still fingers crossed on that.

In the meantime, its now all about Homecoming, we have some amazing bridal deals to offer.

The next bride that purchases a bridal gown valued at over $350 will receive a free bridal preservation kit! Suggested retail value over $250!

We will be carrying these highly reputable kits as well. Simply purchase, pack in box, ship off (included)! It is then cleaned and preserved and returned to you. How easy is that? Gets better though, we are going to put them on sale through November 1st for $150 plus tax.

Then we got to thinking, we can do a little better for those wanting to consign a dress. We know its expensive to have gowns cleaned professionally. Many times brides don’t know if they are ready to pay so much for cleaning to consign. So we are going to help you out. Anyone wishing to consign a recently worn, undamaged, amazing gown can bring the gown in, purchase the kit for $100 and we will handle the cleaning process. When the gown is returned to us cleaned and ready to wear, we will get it out on our sales floor and ready for the next lucky bride. Check our our contract page for info on consigning.

We have added staff, increased hours, and are continually trying to improve on ways we can help our customers and consignors at Celebrate. Have a suggestion? Email us! We love to hear from you.

(are you looking for an “incentive” from Facebook, here it is “paying attention 10% off”)

With so many customers coming in from all over the Quad Cities and even as far as a couple of hours away looking for Homecoming dresses and bridal gowns, we thought we would share with you some of our other favorites downtown. We love shopping small and shopping local, while you are downtown Rock Island we hope you enjoy some of the other little gems Rock Island has to offer.

Spellboud, same building as us. New age gift shop, offers classes every Saturday. Sometimes when its quiet Sara will sing along to the radio, I think she forgets I am there. Love my neighbors and our little wall divider. My mom would have loved her store, and that makes me smile daily.

Splash, also same building at us. I love that they moved in this summer! The whole building smells so good! Think Lush… and for those of you that haven’t been to Lush, bath bombs, scrubs, soaps etc. All handmade in the QC! They will also do custom baskets for your bridesmaids.

Theos-right next door the only morning I eat breakfast. Chocolate muffin every Saturday morning before opening. Enough said. Well not really, but its a good way to start my Saturdays.

Taste Buds, kind of catty corner from us- last but not least. Almost every Saturday, after I close Celebrate I head over Taste Buds for myself a frozen Kona drink and something for my boys. Don’t judge, lol. I realize I start my work day Saturday with chocolate and end it with mocha frozen coffee, but its HOMECOMING SEASON. 🙂 They also have smoothies, candy nuts and more. Guilt is now setting in as I type this. Perhaps I should try a healthier smoothie sometime.

On a final note today. Our thoughts are still with Texas and hoping for the best for all those effected by Irma. We talked to one of our vendors today out of Houston, who told us how so many of her co workers lost everything they own. My family lived in the Gulf Coast area during Katrina, and I know how hard that can be. If you have items to donate, we encourage you to check out our Facebook page. We shared a link that our friend Greg Hass, Valley construction is sending semis full of donations in the next couple of weeks. Every little bit helps, and as we learned with the Rochelle Davis Memorial Benefit, the people of the Quad Cities have big hearts and really can make a difference.