Its official, only place in Rock Island to offer tux rental!!! We chose and extremely, reputable company that was recommended to us by the worlds largest prom store. I think that is a great referenece for them! Great fitting, great looking, priced fair. To celebrate we will honor all competitors coupons. What I really love though is that they will deliver tuxes to Celebrate on Tuesdays. What does that mean for you. Couple of good things, first off your prom dates, grooms, Mardi Gras or those attending other Galas do not have to wait in line on Friday with everyone else that has an event on Saturday. Don’t they all have other things to do on Friday? Especially before the wedding! Also, since tuxes will be in house on Tuesdays, you can pick up from Tuesday on. If something doesn’t fit perfectly, we have plenty of time to replace it. We can have it next day shipped all week to insure you have the best fitting tux possible.
Check out our Facebook, the link below or Jims Formal Wear online to see some great pics!