So much exciting news!

We were able to attend the National Bridal Market in Chicago over the weekend and wow was that worth it!

Some pics will be loaded soon here, but until then, Facebook uses see it first. 🙂

Highlights from the weekend!
We purchased $100s of dollars of jewelry at great prices, to pass the savings on to you. Prom and bridal jewelry that won’t break the bank and look stunning with your dresses!

Veils and belts. So this part we are soooo excited for. Gorgeous belts, mostly under $60, veils too. We are waiting for our first order to arrive, but we also have a catalogue you can order from, or we can get in different lengths. These are brand new, selected personally, and by a family owned company. LOVE THAT.

Bridal gown cleaning or preserving deal at Celebrate. Again, we take our time to select the right company to work with. Positive we made another great choice for all of you.

Here is how it works. Come in and purchase your kit at Celebrate for only $139 for the basic, with 30 year warranty or the platinum $179 (limited time) includes a lifetime warranty.

Simply follow the easy instructions included in the kit and your dress will be cleaned, preserved and returned to you in 2 – 6 weeks.
You will not incur any additional shipping charges once purchasing the kit, as the entire process is prepaid.
You can also send accessories to include with your gown, such as your veil, headpiece, garter, etc. (additional fees may apply).
You will receive your gown (and veil, if included) returned to you beautifully displayed in the front window of the presentation chest.
The largest wedding gown cleaning/preservation expert in the nation, you can trust Memories Gown Preservation to provide high quality service and convenience.
Preservation Kit measures 20″ x 20″ x 1″.
Thirty-year warranty.
Made in USA.

We are offering 2 other services as well. If you have a dress to consign and it needs cleaned, you don’t have to invest a fortune upfront with cleaning costs. Celebrate will have your gown cleaned for only $75 with a signed 6 month contract for consignment. Simple, bring in, pay $75 plus tax, leave with us, when it is cleaned and returned to us, we will list if for sale per our normal contract.

Want your dress cleaned, but not preserved and you don’t want to sell it? We can help with that also, limited time $99 plus tax cleaning.

Orderable bridesmaids dresses coming soon!

Tux rental now available! Honoring all competitors coupons!

How else can we help you have an amazing day without costing you a fortune? We love to!